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Mythic Alaska

The Island - Metal Print

The Island - Metal Print

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The truth is that nothing beats an original piece of artwork but these metal prints come really close.  We capture images of Tara's original canvases and shrink them down to increase clarity and resolution.  The result is a beautiful, durable, print with colors that really POP.

Tara's description of the original piece:

“The Island” depicts an image that came to me while I was listening to a tarot podcast about the nature of the Queen of Cups. She is a representation of the wilderness found in the heart, a sanctuary and refuge we all have inside ourselves and that which, if you pay attention, you can access for serenity, peace, and a feeling of personal power. This is the image that came to me, of my own inner wildness. The solid heart-space that is a refuge, vibrant with life and beauty. Creatures of all the elements are present and harmonious. My dreams, when I have them, are often of this nature, and I hope that those that view this piece can feel the power, beauty, wonder, and serenity therein. And I also invite you to look within yourself and see that you also have this wild heart awaiting gentle discovery.

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