Alaskan Surrealism At It's Best

Tara's Newest Artwork

Artist Tara Cox brings a sense of whimsy, fantasy and the surreal to Alaskan nature art.

Tara's Paintings

Tara's husband and business partner, Fat Gandalf, makes some of Alaska's finest (and most deliciously scented) Beard and Beaver Care products.

Fat Gandalf Products

Mythic AK's Gallery, located in Downtown Anchorage, includes a Coloring Lounge where creative types can chillout and make art, or take art classes with Tara.

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We strive to be more than just another retail space. Tara and "Fatty G" want you to feel welcome and at peace when you visit our shop. We are currently working with partners to offer an assortment of meditation and soundbath workshops that promote mindfulness and relaxation.

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Mythic AK offers four ways to take home Tara's art

    "I feel fortunate to be an artist because it allows me the freedom to explore the inner landscape and the infinate possibilities the imagination has to offer."

    Tara Cox

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